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Although the official names of the institution is County of Los Angeles Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, it has been known in the community for many years as "Harbor General."


Located at 1000 West Carson Street, Torrance, California 90509, the facility is owned by the County of Los Angeles.


The Medical Center began its affiliation with the UCLA School of Medicine in 1951 and with the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1971. Today, faculty and housestaff refer to the Medical Center as the "Southern Campus" of the school.

Physical Plant

The facility covers 72 acres. The hospital (Unit I) plant is an eight-story acute care facility which was completed in 1963. Adjacent to the hospital is a complex of one-story building trailers and wooden barracks (Unit II). Many of these structures predate the hospital and are used primarily as research laboratories and clinics. The total building space is approximately 1,000,000 square feet with 50 percent of the space in the main unit.

Area & Population

The Medical Center serves over two million residents of Southwestern Los Angeles County, a three hundred square mile area. Owned and operated as a public hospital by the County of Los Angeles, the Medical Center serves as a major teaching hospital and a general acute care facility. Although other patients are treated in the hospital, clinic and extensive research programs, the poor and near poor remain the target population for the institution.


The operation of the patient care program is based upon a total annual budget of $301 million for fiscal year 1999-00.


The Medical Center employs approximately 3,285 individuals. Within this group 2,316 are permanent employees, 442 are in training, and 467 are temporary and hourly employees. The hospital operates three shifts: the largest, the day shift, employs approximately 1,600 employees. The Medical Center work force is made up of 68 % women and 32 % men.
As of June 30, 2000 employee ethnicity was as follows:
African-American: 20.4 %, Caucasian: 26.4 %, Latino: 17.3 %, Filipino: 19. 1 %,
Asian: 16.6 %, Native American: 0. 2 %.

Physician Faculty

The Medical Center utilizes 266 full and part-time faculty and 546 volunteer faculty with privileges. All of the full and part-time faculty and many of the volunteer faculty have teaching appointments with the UCLA School of Medicine.

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